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Hickory Wind Farm-Alpacas & Fiber

Nadine & Steve Beezley
N7080 Garves Coulee RoadBangor, WI 54614
608.769.8429 (cell-text only)

Hickory Wind Farm-Alpacas & Fiber has slowly grown from one breeding female and her gelding companion purchased in 2004 to a select herd of breeding females, quality fiber males, and a few pet quality males.

Now, 14 years later, it is time to start down sizing and what a difficult thing to do!! More emphasis will be placed on a fiber herd and as a result it is time that many of our prime females change from fiber production to breeding! This is a great opportunity to ad high quality rose and silver grey females to your herd at very reasonable prices.

We have maintained our herd at less than 30 (rather challenging at times) while improving the quality of fiber with careful breeding decisions. Most of our alpacas have championship genetics and/or are 'ribbon-winners' themselves. HWF primarily enters fleece and spin-off competitions and we have been very pleased with the results. We feel that these awards and score reports in combination with histogram reports provide us with important fleece information for our fiber/roving/yarn customers and for the best utilization of our fleeces.

Our on-the-farm retail store specializes in HWF alpaca yarn & roving, socks & insoles milled from HWF fleece; HWF hand-crafted items, Fair-Trade imported items from Peru, and quality manufactured alpaca socks. (Please note that HWF does not believe in re-labeling manufactured alpaca products with the HWF farm label.) The HW Farm Shoppe has become a destination for yarn & weaving groups; fiber artists seeking quality 'home=grown' alpaca fiber products; and fans of those fine alpaca products (socks, hats, scarves, mittens, and more).

Today there are many alpacas for sale - some at very low prices. Please keep in mind the importance of buying from a reliable alpaca breeder that is honest, familiar with the industry, and someone who will provide you with on-going support before, during, and after your purchase. HWF is proud of the on-going relationships we have with our customers and we look forward to having you join us!

Welcome to Hickory Wind Farm Alpacas!

We are so pleased that you found our farm listing on OpenHerd. We have maintained our small herd with emphasis on high quality fleece; and offer maiden & proven females and neutered fiber/pet males.
All of our alpacas are in good health and have good manners! Most are from champion breeding stock and/or have earned ribbons themselves.
HWF alpacas are offered at reasonable prices with on-going customer support. In addition, our on-the-farm store includes HWF yarn & roving; insoles; hand-crafted items. We also carry manufactured alpaca socks and Fair Trade items from Peru.
Your inquiries are most welcome!