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Accoyo Impeccable 2012

Jana Rose
JJA Royal Adonis 6x Blue Ribbon of 7 shows
JJA Royal Laredo

Prices have been recently reduced on a large portion of our herd. Females come with a breeding even if they are already bred. Our stud row is pretty darn impressive with 8 x champion and 14 blue ribbon winner Accoyo Impeccable, several blue ribbon blacks and greys who can reproduce those colors.
Our herd was started on foundation animals that were nicely conformed and had extremely dense fleeces and impressive fineness. I'm so glad I started out with the density because it is soooo much harder to breed for than fineness. We have not been ones that go after buying and breeding to the big names-we simply didn't have the resources to do that. We instead used research tools and hands on and bred to the up and coming males (intro fees are wonderful) that we felt would compliment the hand selected female the best. It worked out well and we have been proud to stand in front or close behind the biggest farms in the country on many, many occassions in the last 10 years.
Joyful Journey Alpacas is a full-time endeavor of Sue Groeschl and probably a 1/2 time job for her husband Jeff. JJA is truly a full service farm in that we offer boarding, training for humans if desired on how to take care of their alpacas. Breedings can be done via traditional mode or mobile or, what we have done several times is what we call a "meet and mate". Since we live in NW Wisconsin, we can be more challenging to get to (although a prettier travel route would be hard to find with our lakes and woods)so we find a meeting place closer to the female and set up our panels. Like all mobile breedings, it is good to have a guy at the females farm to let owners know when she is receptive and give us notice. Then we are on our way! The fee remains the same, however we do ask for reimbursement of gas money-not our time.
We raise our own orchard grass hay and monitor the nutritional levels so that all animals have the optimal quality of food going in. Like all living things, good nutrition is the cornerstone to a healthier life. Quality pellets and fresh well water along with a safe environment helps keep things as stress free as possible. Sue has also been on parasite patrol and has the equipment to make sure the animals inner workings are not loaded down with these nasty things. The floors in both barns have 3/4 inch rubber on them and we have automatic waterers. Plenty of airflow and hosing also add to your animal being very comfortable while visiting. Sue has a great turn around time also for getting your girls bred and back home so you don't miss out on the crias best time!
If you board with us and would like to show your animals, we usually can help with that. Shows are something we enjoy and feel it helps us keep abreast of the increased qualities of these wonderful animals.
Purchasing from us is a breeze! A breeding comes with every female purchased. Transportation of females is also included in the pricing. Males have more pricing variation so we usual

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Flexible financing based on clients needs.

Impeccably bred cria.

In 2009 a spectacular fawn full Accoyo huacaya male was born. He was purchased at the tender age of 2 1/2mths but didn't come to live on our farm until 1 yr of age. Showring days were delayed until he was almost 2. Then he started to become known a little bit by winning 14 Blue Ribbons and 8 Championships in both halter & fleece shows. His introductory breedings quickly sold out. And now, those PHA Accoyo Impeccable offspring have arrived and are, well....
IMPECCABLE! When all generations are top producers as his are, he is the safe bet in a chaotic world. Book your breedings now for rapid herd improvement.