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Rolling Thunder Alpacas Inc.

George and Maureen Lossmann
1308 Crystal Lake Rd.McHenry, IL 60051
Thunderbolt Wisconsin 2014

We lease a 20 acre farm in the McHenry Bull Valley area, we also have horses which is why we got into Alpacas, we loved Alpacas and thought that they would fit right in with our horses. Well that was 7 years ago, our herd has grown from 3 to 15 and enjoy the work it takes, these animals are very relaxing to be around, cut my own hay and have learned alot about farming and husbandry. If you would like to stop by and talk or just see how we do it, please give me a call or email.

Top 5 EPD Alpacas, top 1%

Come on in to see our (make an offer) priced Alpacas, Many half Accoyo's
Based on the latest EPD's our Angel has been in the top 5 ranked Alpacas for 4 years for AFD (18 micron) has been #1 for two years now, (2014) (2015) top 1% for SDAFD, SF AND %<30,she also received best Luster and best Hand at 2015 National fleece show. Her offspring are in top 1% as is her dam.
There fleeces have very consistent fineness and staple length, also very Lustrous.
Will finance over 1 year on any purchase over $1000.