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Where you can get any color alpaca you want as long as it is black.

Margery and Michael A. Morack
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Black our goal-Color our result.

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Put together a herd from our alpacas. Include as many females, males, breedings and then make us an offer. It occurred to us that we have been very selective in our purchases over the years working toward specific traits that carry throughout the herd. We demanded excellent conformation with alpacas targeted around 150 pounds. Fleece must have a nice hand (softness to the touch regardless of micron) a trait we hear in the show ring regardless of placement. We sought staple length over density but work toward ever more dense alpacas. We do not want to see a difference between the primary and secondary fibers.

Peruse our alpacas and see if there is the group that fits your vision. Put them together in a package, determine what you might sell them for if you owned them and make that offer of purchase to us. Should be a fun discussion and good learning experience for both of us. we look forward to our discussions!