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Moonstruck Ranch Alpacas

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Moonstruck Ranch
1449 280th StBrandon, IA 52210

4 items in package

Young Herdsires - 4 good boys in 4 colorsMale-only package

Package Type: Suri

Offering four young herdsires for a great price of $800 each, plus a $200 discount for keeping them together. I am 60 years old this year, and need to start letting go of some of my alpaca buddies. It kills me, but none of us live forever. These boys are all young with long lives ahead of them. They were all born and raised with love at my farm. They are all different colors and each blanket of fiber is unique with endless possibilities. These boys are so tame and personable - maybe a little pampered, but adorable, confident and charming guys. You will love them. They all like eating out of my hand while I pet their necks, and love baby carrots. I say good-night to each of them by name every night, like on The Waltons.

All of these guys have outstanding conformation - no faults.

MSK Diamond Man's D'Amante - son of Accoyo Diamond Man. White -P/B 1/2 Accoyo, gorgeous big sweetie.
MSK Cosmo's Moon - son of Peruvian Caviar out of Hershey. Rose gray/brown - part Accoyo, Peru/Bol.
MSK Captain Alexander MacKnight - son of Saviero. Black - proud and majestic type, graceful gait like dad.
MSK Moonstruck Amalfi Giorgio - son of Saviero. Dark fawn/lt brown - just a year old, but tall and confident.

Fully paid before leaving my farm; 90 days free board and $4.00 per day each after that.